Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lack of motivation requires rest

Sometimes motivation can be a little lacking. The thought of getting out and pulling on some painful, small climbing holds can be off putting from the word GO. Contorting into awkward positions and launching, potentially dangerously, into another awkward position, ten feet off the floor, breathing heavy, nervous, scared even, can sometimes be the last thing you actually want to do. Even the effort it takes to get ready to go climbing can seem daunting and unworthwhile. 

It is days like these that rest is required. The reason for lack of motivation can be a multitude of things, not least exhaustion. And not just physical exhaustion but mental exhaustion from the whole traumatic experience of rock climbing. Yes, climbing can be wonderfully fulfilling. A triumph of the human body, scaling an impossible looking wall with nothing but your head, hands and feet. But its tiring nature, its mental requirements, its physically torturous necessities can take their toll. Rest. Rest.

Of course, a hangover can also sometimes be the catalyst for lack of motivation and want of only a duvet, the newspaper and a HUGE cup of coffee. I'll get up tomorrow. Leave me alone today.