Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Climbing projects post Fontainebleau

I need to put together a blog on my recent trip to Fontainebleau as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it has just been manically busy since I returned. Hopefully I will find some time this weekend.

In the mean time, I want to start puting together much briefer blogs through my iPhone app. Little updates, if you like, as I climb so often these might be more suitable than the vast updates I've had previously. Although, expect a few of those as well. The biggest stumbling block using the app is that my hands are rather big and the touch screen keys are rather small. So excuse the typos.

Anyway, since I returned, I've been out on the grit stone twice. I've found a new project to work on, and as soon as my left elbow stops hurting I reckon it will go. The project is The Terrace, at Burbage North - a tough little arête of 5 or 6 moves. I've got most of the project wired... It's just a tough little first move that needs to go down. But it hurts at the moment... Oh boy does it hurt. So I'll be resting from that for a while.

Having climbed on it yesterday, however, I realised something had shifted in my expectations when climbing outside - a good indicator of the form I've been on of late. Having given up on The Terrace (which is 7c) because of the elbow issue, I moved on and did a 7a+ roof and then a tough little 6b+ wall. Plus a bunch of easier problems. Three months ago, if I'd have worked a 7c, done a 7a+ and a 6b+ in one session I would have been extremely pleased with that. Yesterday, however, I was slightly disappointed. I felt bad about that, though. I should be grateful every time I top out a boulder. However, I think I was disappointed mostly because my elbow was still giving me problems, and maybe also because I'd done both the 7a+ and 6b+ before so I hadn't climbed anything new. Anyway, it's all training.

Winter is coming. The sending temps have arrived. But with them the early sunsets, which means getting out climbing after work becomes an issue. Still, there's always weekends. Good sending!