Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My most successful bouldering day to date

My most successful bouldering day to date occurred last weekend. A bold statement to make. But this day was so far beyond any other day I've had on the grit stone that I feel comfortable raising it onto that pedestal. The strange but rather exciting thing about this particular day was that I felt I had a lot more to give. If it wasn't for other commitments, I might have stayed out and continued the sending spree.

The day in question was Saturday, September 29. It was a cold, overcast day... screw that... I don't have time for a full blow-by-blow, novel-esque description and I doubt you want to read one, so I'll keep this brief and to the point. Also, just for the sake of this blog post, I'm going to include grades, because they're integral to why it was my best day ever.

So, in chronological order, here's what I sent on Saturday...

  1. Early Doors (7A+), Curbar - The first send of the day (barring the warm up). It was the main goal for the day and it took two tries, having worked the moves a few days before.
  2. Gorilla Warfare (7A), Curbar - A 2nd repeat for me - having first climbed the problem some years before. A few friends were working it and I thought I would give it a blast while I was there.
  3. Bad Lip (7A), Curbar - My first 7A flash! I was really chuffed to get this first go, having never climbed anything on the Bad Landing boulder before. I also tried the 8A+ sit start - that's one for the future.
  4. Mark's Roof (7B), Gardoms North - I climbed this a few weeks ago, but a friend wanted to give it a try and I had completed my goal for the day, so we went back. I did it again first try.
  5. Mark's Roof Original (7A), Gardoms North - Again, I climbed this a few weeks ago but, being as we were there and it's such a good climb, I did it again for good measure. It took one try and I felt much fitter than the first time I climbed it. 
I also tried another 7B boulder problem called Soft of the G at Gardoms North but couldn't get it on the day. I'll definitely be going back to try that one again soon.

It was a day of firsts, that Saturday, having done Early Doors for the first time, flashed my first 7A and sent five 7th grade boulder problems in one day. Here's to more of that!