Saturday, 10 November 2012

Goal achieved! Bouldering at Almscliffe

I'm going to be dashing out soon, so I'm going to keep this brief.

Had a brilliant day climbing at Almscliffe, in North Yorkshire. The winter temperatures are definitely arriving, which is making the grit stone exceptionally sticky. It got a tad warm at points, when the sun broke away from the clouds, but as 2pm passed, it started cooling rapidly.

The excellent conditions helped me to achieve a goal I've had in the back of my mind for the past few months, which, as I've gotten stronger, finally became a distinct possibility. Sending three 7th grade boulder problems, which I haven't climbed before, in one session. I achieved this goal today, which felt great, but I also achieved it with three boulder problems I hadn't even touched before. 

I'll list them in a moment, at the end of this post, but I want to mention a couple of other things first.

After getting my three 7A/+s, I moved onto something a little harder, as I was feeling strong and the problem I had in mind appeared to suit me to a tee. The Keel (7C) is a burly piece of bouldering, revolving around a big hold in the middle of a roof and a chipped crimp on the lip of the overhang. Although the problem revolved around this big chip, it's still regarded as a classic, and I can see why. The moves are fantastic, a burly climber's dream: overhanging, powerful, reaches off large holds, and even a little campusing. I didn't manage to do it on this trip, but I'm only lacking a little hand swap and then I've done all the moves - linking it together might be tough, but hopefully next time.

Anyway, I also did a few other bits and pieces, which I've listed below. An excellent day at the crag. I hope you're getting out this weekend too!

  • Morrel's Wall (6A) - Tried the 7A traverse in too, but this was at the end of the day and I was shattered.
  • Flying Arete (6A+)
  • 6C+ overhanging arete thing - had a name; forgot it.
  • Demon Wall Roof (7A+)
  • Dolphin Belly Slap (7A)
  • Crucifix Traverse (7A)