Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2013

If you're a climber living in Sheffield, or simply an outdoor enthusiast, you will have heard of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF), which is held at the renowned Showroom Cinema each year. In fact, you should have heard of it no matter where you are in the country. It's that good. And this year looks like it's going to be even better for us vertical movers and shakers out there. There are 18 rock climbing films lined up, spread over four sessions, and a bunch of mountaineering films too.

There are a few in particular that jumped out at me that I'm rather keen to see. One of these is Autana, an hour long film following the exploits of Leo Holding, Al Lee, Sean Leary and Jason Pickles as they head to the Amazon to conquer the east face of the remote Cerro Autana. Another cracking looking film is Wide Boyz, about British climbers Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall traveling to America to take on some of the US's epic crack climbing, such as Century Crack, the world's hardest off width. A couple of others I'm keen to see are La Dura Dura, which is about Adam Ondra trying to climb a 9b+ sport route, and Honnold 3.0, a profile of the world's most audacious free solo climber.

Autana at ShAFF

If that didn't whet your appetite, there are over a dozen more climbing films, not to mention the bikes, running, skiing, snowboarding, adventure and surf. In fact, there are 80 films from around the world. That's 1,680 minutes of adrenaline fueled film over one weekend.

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival Director Matt Heason said: “Last year we had two climbing screenings - this year we’ve got four plus mountain films. We’re especially delighted to be able to feature so many British film-makers and athletes including Alastair Lee’s Autana, Jen Randall’s Push It, Polished Projects' Echoes and Dave, Image Impossible’s Driven to Despair, Adam Hocking’s Meltdown and both long and short versions of Hot Aches‘ Wide Boyz. There’s really healthy competition we hope fueled by festivals like Kendal and ShAFF.”

Wide Boyz at ShAFF

That's it for now. Get yourself there on March 1st to 3rd at the Showroom Cinema, a stone's throw from Sheffield Train Station. In the mean time, keep your eyes on my blog for a few preview reviews - don't worry though, I won't spoil anything! See you there!