Thursday, 21 March 2013

A few photos from The Roaches

A few weeks ago now, we had a really good day out at The Roaches. We got a good group together (it was my girlfriend and her twin sister's birthday) and I had a nice little tick list from the day:
  • The Greener Traverse (6B+ IMO) 
  • Coopers Traverse (6B)
  • Calcutta Traverse (6A)
  • Too Drunk (7A)
  • Not Drunk Enough (6C)
  • Sleeping with the Flowers (7A)
  • Limbless Limbo Dancer (6C+/7A)

Anyway, the only reason I bring this up now is because I wanted to share a few great photos from the weekend. The first of these, the fantastic group shot, is from Michelle Forrest. And the sublime scenic shots, as well as the two action photos, are from Mike Etchells. Click on them for larger versions.

The group at The Roaches. Credit Michelle Forrest

The sublime Roaches upper tier view. Credit Mike Etchells

Going for a multi-pitch on The Sloth in the snow. Credit Mike Etchells

Leigh-Anne on The Greener Traverse. Credit Mike Etchells

Me on Too Drunk. Credit Mike Etchells

The hut at The Roaches. Credit Mike Etchells