Monday, 13 May 2013

Sheffield Half for Climbers Against Cancer

This weekend Team CAC ran the Sheffield Half Marathon. Me included. You can see me gliding along (haha! hardly) below. I've never been a runner and, until 2 months ago when I signed up for the Sheffield Half, I'd only ever 'gone running' once since PE class at school. So to start running several times a week was a shock to the system. However, I've thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to continue.

Of course, the best thing out of all of this was that we raised over £1,000 for Cancer Research UK, on behalf of Climbers Against Cancer - something I'm very proud of. You can still donate here.

Massive thanks to Jenny for managing the team and to Leigh-Anne for the posters and sponsorship forms. And, most importantly, arranging pizza after the run.

In case you're interested, I managed the run in 2 hours and 10 seconds. Pretty proud of that too.