Friday, 20 June 2014

Cliffhanger 2014... the festival is back in Millhouses Park

Sheffield's Cliffhanger festival opens its gates in Millhouses park this weekend (June 21st-22nd). Having occupied Graves Park for the past two years (one really hot year and one really wet), it once again returns to the much-loved and skinniest park on Abbeydale Road.

Unfortunately, the premier climbing attraction for the festival, the British Bouldering Championships, will not be taking place in the park itself. However, it is happening at the best indoor bouldering venue this side of Mars, The Climbing Works, which is situated only a stone's throw down the road. 

With the weather looking as glorious as it does for the weekend, I'd highly recommend still visiting Cliffhanger, as you can grab a cold drink and plonk yourself in front of a massive screen being set up to show the competition. However, if you enjoy being as close to the action as possible, so you can taste the sweat dripping from the climbers (gross!), then grab a couple of tickets and head to The Climbing Works. All proceeds are going to Climbers Against Cancer, so the ticketing is simply to ensure 1,000 people don't show up at the Works expecting to be able to get in. Plus it's a good way to raise funds for a superb cause - cancer research. I don't know if there are any tickets still available, but visit the BMC website to find out. Scratch that last bit - a recent email from the BMC's Walls & Comps officer, Rob Adie, tells me that tickets are available on the door.

Of course, it's not only climbing that makes Cliffhanger so special. It's Britain's largest outdoors festival for outdoors people for a reason - there's tons going on! Do you like cycling? Get yourself to Cliffhanger. Oh so Parkour's your thing, huh? Get yourself to Cliffhanger. Running? Cliffhanger. Literally anything outdoors... go to Cliffhanger. Like falling off high stuff? Cliffhanger. It's a pretty simple solution to what to do with your weekend. For more details on that visit the Cliffhanger website.

Have I said the word Cliffhanger enough?

Anyway, if this isn't enough verbiage to get you along, check out my write up of last year's excellent festival.

Hopefully see you there!