Thursday, 18 February 2016

Video: Submergence at Burbage North

Hanging Rib portion of Submergence at Burbage North, Peak District

Cold, dry weather finally came to the Peak District last weekend. It was even clear blue skies - perfect. So it was unfortunate my immune system was waging a microscopic war with a cold virus, leaving me sofa bound on Saturday. It gave me time to review a couple of films to be shown at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival from 11-13 March, which was a good thing, but kept me away from the elusive grit stone, which is a bad thing.

Good weather has been so rare of late that I was deeply disappointed to be stuck on the bench (warning: football metaphor!). So come Sunday, with the weather still amazing but my health showing little improvement, I decided to say sod the illness and embarked for the Peak anyway. Leigh-Anne was keen to get out and I didn't want to hold her back, so I downed paracetamol and ibuprofen, stocked up on tissues and brought out my A-stubborn-game to pretend I was getting better.

In all honesty, I think the fresh air did me a great deal of good. And it turned out not to be that cold after all - sporadically not that cold, anyway. Every time the sun peaked from behind the clouds it felt like sunbathing weather and when it dipped back again it was down jackets and hats. We even saw midges. In February!

Leigh-Anne enjoying some winter sunbathing at Burbage

First order of the Sunday: Leigh-Anne did an amazing job dispatching a bit of a nemesis climb of hers, Solitude (6C), at Burbage North. She made it look rather like a path in the end - a simple head game thwarting previous efforts. She inspired me to climb some stuff in the lovely weather and I completed a left-exit variant of Solitude that I thought was rather good, avoiding the slab mantel. 

Moving along, I noticed the Terrace area was completely abandoned, which is rare on a weekend. I was keen to try a super reachy / morpho problem called Jason's Roof (7B+), to the right of The Terrace. I've never been able to touch the Roof before. I managed to dispatch the stand (graded at 6C but rather tough if you ask me) relatively quickly but had a bit of trouble reaching the holds on the face of the boulder from the sit. I wasn't so far away that I'd write it off - just need a centimetre or so.

After that we had a pitstop at the Remergence sector. I've always found the boulders on that section of rock a little desperate and not too appealing. However... a lowball... brilliant! I thought I'd give Submergence (7B+/C) a crack. I was close but there's a deadpoint accuracy move that thwarted my efforts, so I vowed to return. Which I did this week, as the weather has continued its rather amazing streak... largely. A quick afternoon jaunt to the Valley and I hit the slot (three times, punting the end twice) and climbed to victory. 

Here's a short video...