Thursday, 5 May 2016

A Curbar Circuit

I've always enjoyed boulder problem circuits to keep fitness up but more for the simple pleasure of climbing on rocks. All too often we get bogged down with a project, or just go outside to climb our hardest, but stringing together boulders you've climbed dozens of times before and going for mileage can be just as much fun as getting that elusive difficult tick. 

Curbar is littered with brilliant boulder problems that are easy to get to and have good landings, making it perfect for a solo run around the classics. This small circuit, done on a sunny spring morning, includes a few warm-ups on the Trackside boulder as well as:

  • Strawberries (6B)
  • Trackside (7A)
  • Dan's Wall (7A)
  • Gorilla Warfare (7A)
  • Early Doors (7A+)
  • Bad Lip (7A)
  • Late Junction (7B)