Thursday, 22 September 2016

30 Degree Fontainebleau (video)

With the hottest weather I've ever experienced in Fontainebleau - hitting 30°C+ - it was a trip for quick bursts of climbing, one or two tries, and long rests, beer and BBQ. Makes for a great holiday just not great climbing conditions.

All the same, for anyone wanting some beta, here's a few things I did manage to grease and squirm my way up, including:

- Satan m'Habite (7A)
- Uruguay (6C+/7A)
- Action Direct (6C+/7A)
- Sa Pelle au Logis (7A)
- La Faux Baquet (6C+)
- Sous-Dur right (6C)
- Sous-Dur (7B)
- Memoire d'Autre Tombe (7A+)
- L'Oblique (7A)