Thursday, 15 December 2016

The launch of

I've been a climber for more than 15 years and I've worked in the PR and marketing industry for over 10 of those years. Those two parts of my life rarely crossed over, except for the odd climbing article written here and there as a freelancer. 

More recently, I've been exploring ways to bring those two together, and this lead to the creation of - a social influencer marketing service for the sports industry. SportsReps brings together "micro-influencers" and brands to generate market research and promote products.

We've just launched the service, initially in the outdoors sector, and we're currently recruiting influencers (Reps, as we call them) to sign up while we talk with outdoors brands about running campaigns in the new year. In the mean time, we're running a t-shirt giveaway - a chance to get a limited edition t-shirt in exchange for signing up and doing a little social sharing.

It is completely free to sign up to SportsReps and anyone can join - no obligations. You pick your sporting interests, sync your social channels so we can measure your social influence level and when a campaign comes up we think you'll be perfect for you'll get an email invite. Simple.

What's in it for the manufacturers, distributors and retailers? They get to spread the word about their products from grass-roots up. This generates conversation online and raises awareness. Plus, SportsReps encourages campaign participants to be honest about the products they receive, so others who see their posts, blogs and videos know they are giving their unbiased opinion.

There's loads more info on the SportsReps FAQs if you want to learn more.